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Polar Routen e.V.
Internationale Vereinigung für
Wandern und Naturschutz in Grönland
Amitsorsuaq, vom Kanuzentrum aus gesehen
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How can I become a member of the association Polar Routen?

If we want to be successful as an association, we urgently need more members. We do not know if there will be the Arctic Circle Trail in a year's time, or if bulldozers will work on it. That's why we want to use the petition to advertise new members at the same time.
Because the members of our association live distributed over several countries and even continents, it is difficult to get them gathered all at a general meeting. Therefore necessary discussions, elections and votes will be carried out via Internet. And so we will do for recruiting members.
We therefore invite you to apply online for membership in the association "Polar-Routen e.V. Förderverein für Wandern und Naturschutz in Grönland" here and now.
 Application for Membership 
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