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Save the "Arctic Circle Trail"

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Save the "Arctic Circle Trail"

We, the signatories of this petition, hereby appeal
  • to the People, Parliament and Government of Greenland,
  • to the Government of the Kingdom of Denmark as the contractual party of UNESCO, responsible for Greenland,
  • to UNESCO itself as trustee for preservation of the world's cultural and natural heritage
  • to preserve the polar region of Greenland between the coast near Sisimiut and the inland ice as a natural and cultural landscape, as designated in UNESCO's "Tentative World Heritage List" (WHTL 1782) and not to reduce it to a symbolic residual corridor between the archaeological sites of Aasivissuit and Nipisat,
  • not to cut the World Heritage Area into two pieces by a road construction,
  • in particular to protect and preserve the "Arctic Circle Trail" as the centerpiece of this 4500-year-old nomadic migration area,
  • not to replace its western part by a motor road (it is not a nature road) for "All Terrain Vehicles (ATV)" and to displace the trail into an area not passable for regular hikers,
  • not to devalue it in its eastern part by paralleling it with the motor road,
  • not to destroy the region's over thousands of years unchanged character;
  • we are outraged by misinformation of the public and the UNESCO, claiming that this would be a beneficial infrastructure for the protection of world heritage,
    • whereas it is intended to exploit this region for the benefit of a few,
    • while in reality this brings neither economic benefit to the people of Greenland nor the desired adventure for thousends of hikers from all over the world,
    • instead of this motor road an environmentally friendly and inexpensive boat line between Kangerlussuaq and the greater Municipality of Qeqqata should be opened.
To confirm these demands we refer to a memorandum signed by 300 hikers in Greenland between July 2016 and July 2017, which is known to Qeqqata Municipality,
As well as to a detailed application by the association "Polar Routen e.V." to the above mentioned addressees, submitted Februay 2018.
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