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Amitsorsuaq, seen from the canoe center
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Kangerlussuaq campsite

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The Kangerlussuaq campsite

Haus auf dem Campingplatz

"The Coolest Campingsite on Earth"

The Kangerlussuaq campsite has been operated by our association "Polar Routen" e.V. since June 2016, after being closed for two years (2014 and 2015). The association rented the campsite for a symbolic rent of one Danish krone per year from the municipality of Qeqqata. The rental agreement regulates, among other things, that the association may only use the campsite for its charitable purposes and that it may only use volunteer - i.e. unpaid - staff. In order to secure the operating costs, it was agreed with the municipality that the association may charge a fee of 60, - DKK per person and night (= 8 €).
In addition, the rental contract says that the association informs the guests at the campsite about the municipality's policy with regard to the hiking trail (ACT / Polar route) and, if necessary, returns a feedbak from the hikers to the municipality. First of all, the regulations that are necessary for the cleanliness of the hiking trail etc. were considered. With the planned and now started construction of an ATV road, however, this regulation has gained additional importance.
In addition, the rental agreement also regulates such questions as that the association exercises house rights on the campsite, etc.
It remains to be said that in previous years the campsite was open from June 15th to September 15th. Deviations from this may be unavoidable at the time of the corona pandemic. In addition, reference is made to the text of the rental contract and the campsite rules that can be accessed here.
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