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With an ATV on the Road to Freedom?

On May 9, 2019, the Qeqqata Municipality's website www.qeqqata.gl published an appeal with the title "Arctic Circle Road - vejen til frihed [= road to freedom]", which states:
"Today we are publishing our joint report "Tourism development via Arctic-Circle-Road" or Road to Freedom, as Professor Minik Rosing calls it."
"Vejen til Frihed", what is clear to Greenlanders, is the name of the Nelson Mandela film "Long March to Freedom" in Danish; and about Minik Rosing, a professor from Greenland at the University of Copenhagen, Greenlanders know: "Prior to the climate summit in Paris in 2015, he and the artist Olafur Eliasson set up melting ice blocks on the town hall square in Copenhagen in the installation 'Ice Watch'." (Sermitsiaq, 2017-02-02) The message that Minik Rosing's alleged memory of Nelson Mandela's struggle for freedom is supposed to convey subliminally is something like when the well-known environmental activist Prof. Dr. Minik Rosing compares the planned Arctic Circle Road with Nelson Mandela's struggle for freedom, then it must be an ecologically correct thing. However, about two years earlier there was an article in Sermitsiaq (2017-08-20), the most important newspaper of Greenland, which called the planned ATV road "Vejen til Frihed" and compared it with Nelson Mandela's stuggle for freedom. But this comparision of the road with Mandela's stuggle for freedom was not made by Minik Rosing, but by Laust Løgstrup, then Vice-Director of Qeqqata Municipality and promoter of the road construction project, who is now its project manager since 2020. So there is more than a doubt whether Minik Rosing really was the originator of the name "Vejen til Frihed" or whether he only sold his name here for marketing purposes.
The quoted announcement continues pointing to the report "Tourism development via Arctic-Circle-Road" with the words:
"The report shows that private investment in tourist accommodation will make Arctic Circle Road socio-economically viable. The Arctic Circle Road should therefore be financed by the government, as the increasing tourism brings with it high personal taxes and duties for the government." This makes it clear that the report is not intended to invite tourists, but to get the road construction financed by the government of Greenland.
As if the road was a logical further development of the hiking trail, the report, which now is also available as a printed English text, begins immediately after the summary on page 6 with a section about the Arctic Circle Trail with the words:
"The 160 km long Arctic Circle Trail between Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut has become the most iconic hiking route in the Arctic in relatively few years. The number of hikers is increasing significantly and in 2018 came to over 1,500. Guides in English and German on the Arctic Circle Trail have been realised. Foreign media enthusiastically mentions the hiking route as the Arcit Camino" And then it says: "A German hiking enthusiast has been walking the Arctic Circle Trail every year for the past 10 years." That's me. But the fact that this hiking enthusiast has been warning of the consequences of building an economically superfluous ATV road for a number of years is of course concealed in the report.
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