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Traveling to Greenland during the Corona Pandemic

The corona pandemic has brought about profound changes in tourism around the world. This also applies to Greenland. Greenland itself was largely spared the corona pandemic for a long time. Until May 2nd, 2021, travel restrictions prevented the corona virus from spreading in Greenland almost entirely. However, there have been several corona diseases in Greenland since the travel restrictions were lifted. Nevertheless, Greenland is still a relatively safe country in terms of the risk of infection with the corona virus. But before traveling to Greenland, you should definitely find out about the current conditions. You can get information about this here.
There you can read:
To be permitted to enter Greenland, you must either be fully vaccinated or a resident of Greenland or you are relocating to Greenland.
When you intend to travel to Greenland, you must remember to do the following:
  1. Fill out a SUMUT form: www.sumut2020.gl
  2. Bring the receipt showing that you have filled out the SUMUT form (either a hard copy or in an e-mail) and present it when requested by personnel.
  3. You must have a negative COVID-19 PCR test from a Nordic country that is maximum 72 hours old from the time of departure and have valid documentation showing this.
  4. Bring a face mask for the journey and wear it during the journey, on the plane and in the airport.

How do you get to Greenland?

If you want to get to Greenland on a scheduled flight, the journey usually starts at Kastrup Airport (Copenhagen) in Denmark. Some flights to Greenland also depart from Iceland. You can easily book a flight from Denmark to Greenland via Air Greenland's website - airgreenland.com. You need a credit card to pay.
There are different tariffs for adults, children (2-11 years), babies (0-1 years) and seniors (65+ and early retirees). It is important to distinguish between “green” and “red” tickets. With “green” or flexible tickets, as the name suggests, you can change the departure date, with “red” tickets you cannot, they are only valid for the date booked. “Red” tickets are only available to a limited extent, but they are cheaper and you have to book them earlier, at least a week earlier, preferably a few weeks earlier, because there are often no free seats a week before the flight date. Basically, if you book earlier, you may be able to save. This are just some brief informations. If you want to know exactly, go to www.airgreenland.com or www.visitgreenland.com for more information.
In addition to booking a flight, there are other things that need to be done before departure. If you don't need a visa for Denmark, you don't need a visa for Greenland either. If you need a visa to enter Denmark, please note that you need a special permit to enter Greenland, as Greenland is outside the scope of the Schengen Agreement. When applying for a visa, indicate that you are going to Greenland.
As I said at the beginning, in the first half of 2021 there were very rigid entry restrictions for Greenland due to the corona pandemic, but these have been lifted from May 2nd, 2021.
According to tose restrictions you had to show a negative corona test before departure, which should not be older than 72 hours. It had to be a medical test from Denmark or another Nordic country. Test certificates from Germany, for example, were not recognized. For example, if you drove from Germany to Denmark to fly from there to Greenland, you had to plan a stay of at least one day in Copenhagen in order to go to Rigshospitalet and be tested there. The tests in Rigshospitalet were free of charge, but not tests in other institutions. After arriving in Greenland, you were initially in quarantaine and had to be tested again there. Appropriately, this could be done by the health service in the airport building in Kangerlussuaq.
Since my last trip to Greenland this year, the regulations in Denmark have changed. Usually you should be able to show a sufficient proof of vaccination. Details about the current rules can be found here.
The rules also include filling out a so-called SUMUT in Internet before departure; This is information that may enable a follow-up in Greenland in the event of a Covid 19 disease. The Greenlandic word “Sumut” means “where to”. After entering the sumut on the Internet, you will receive a confirmation that you should print out and show before departure. This also includes the departure date. If, for example, the departure is delayed by a day because of the test, then a new sumut has to be filled out in Internet. You can usually do this in 10 minutes. But if you have to do this under time pressure in the airport waiting area, you can - like I did last year - miss the plane. By the way, I did not have a flexible flight ticket, but it was still possible to reschedule the flight date at no extra charge.
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