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Greenland and Corona

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Traveling to Greenland during the Corona Pandemic

The corona pandemic has brought about profound changes in the world of tourism. This also applies to Greenland, though Greenland itself has largely been spared the corona pandemic.
This year about 6,000 people in Greenland have been tested on Corona. For 14 of them the test result was positive; but all are now considered to have recovered. If you want to travel to Greenland, there is no great risk of getting infected with the Corona virus. And the concern of the Greenlandic authorities is that it stays that way. Therefore, some regulations must be observed when entering the country.

How do you get to Greenland?

Those who want to get to Greenland by scheduled flight usually start at Kastrup (Copenhagen) in Denmark. Some flights to Greenland also depart from Iceland. You can easily book a flight from Denmark to Greenland via the Air Greenland website – airgreenland.com . You need a credit card to pay. There are different tariffs for adults, children (2 - 11 years), infants (0 - 1 year) and seniors (65+ and retired). It is important to differentiate between "green" and "red" tickets. With "green" or flexible tickets, as the name suggests, you can change the departure date, with "red" tickets you cannot, they only apply to the booked date. "Red" tickets are only available to a limited extent, but they are cheaper and you have to book them earlier, at least a week earlier, preferably a few weeks earlier, because a week before the flight date there are often no more seats available. These are just a few brief pieces of information. If you want to know exactly, you should find out more at airgreenland.com or visitgreenland.com/ .
You must also have a corona test carried out before departure, which must not be more than five days old when you enter Greenland. You must also show a "Sumut" when you enter Greenland. You will find out more about the "Sumut" on the website www.sumut2020.gl or www.nun.gl, where you also can register for "Sumut". The sumut is only valid if it includes the day of departure. Is it delayed e.g. the work because of the test by one day, then a new sum must be obtained on the Internet.
By the way, even if you don't have a flexible flight ticket: In my experience, it is possible to postpone the flight date due to a corona test.
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