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Traveling to Greenland in times of Corona

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Traveling to Greenland during the Corona Pandemic

The corona pandemic has brought about profound changes in tourism worldwide. This also applies to Greenland. Greenland itself was largely spared the corona pandemic.
Over 20,000 people in Greenland have been tested for corona. The test result was positive in 31 of them; but all are now considered to have recovered. As an international association of hikers, we feel obliged to them. But after careful examination, we can state:

With regard to Corona, Greenland is
the safest travel destination in Europe.

You can find out more about this here.

How do you get to Greenland?

Those who want to get to Greenland by scheduled flight usually start at Kastrup (Copenhagen) in Denmark. Some flights to Greenland also depart from Iceland. You can easily book a flight from Denmark to Greenland via the Air Greenland website – airgreenland.com . You need a credit card to pay. There are different tariffs for adults, children (2 - 11 years), infants (0 - 1 year) and seniors (65+ and retired). It is important to differentiate between "green" and "red" tickets. With "green" or flexible tickets, as the name suggests, you can change the departure date, with "red" tickets you cannot, they only apply to the booked date. "Red" tickets are only available to a limited extent, but they are cheaper and you have to book them earlier, at least a week earlier, preferably a few weeks earlier, because a week before the flight date there are often no more seats available. These are just a few brief pieces of information. If you want to know exactly, you should find out more at airgreenland.com or visitgreenland.com/ .
In addition to booking a flight, there are other things that need to be done or secured before departure. If you don't need a visa for Denmark, you don't need a visa for Greenland either. If you need a visa to enter Denmark, please note that you need a special permit to enter Greenland, as Greenland is outside the Schengen Agreement. When applying for a visa, indicate that you are going to Greenland.
At the turn of the year 2020/21, some restrictions apply in Denmark and Greenland that are related to the second corona wave and that will probably no longer apply in summer. The exact details for this summer are not yet clear. The following text is based on what applied last summer and will probably also apply in summer 2021.
Above all, you must have a corona test carried out before departure to Greenland, which must not be older than five days. Only corona tests from Nordic countries are accepted, e.g. not tests from a British clinic. The simplest thing is therefore to do this test in a test center at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen (Blegdamsvej 9, 2100 København, Denmark). There is probably now such a test site right next to the airport in Copenhagen. For that, however, plan at least one day before departure. By the way, I didn't pay anything myself for this test in Copenhagen, while the one from Berlin was very expensive (174 €) and also unusable. You must also show a "Sumut" (= Greenlandic: "Where to") when you leave for Greenland. You can find out more about this on the Internet and register at www.sumut2020.gl or www.nun.gl. Important: The sumut is only valid if it includes the day of departure. If, for example, the departure is delayed by a day because of the test, then a new Sumut must be obtained on the Internet. You can usually do this in 10 minutes. But if you have to do this under time pressure in the airport waiting area, you can - like I did last year - miss the plane. By the way, I had a "red" (usually notflexible) flight ticket, but it was still possible to reschedule the flight date at no extra charge.
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